The Portknockie church community gathers at 11.15am.

Our worship draws on a range of influences – the riches of the ancient Celtic tradition, the theological insights of the Reformed tradition and the inclusivity of contemporary Christian thought. Services are led by our Locum Minister, Mr Murray Campbell and we value the participation of children and others in our services.


Our ministry of music is led by Lorna Sinclair and Claire Wood. We sing a mixture of classic and contemporary hymns and songs as well as learning new ones. The children enjoy singing and so do we!

Holy Communion

We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of March, June, September and December. Wherever you are on your faith’s journey, wherever you have come from and wherever you are going to, whatever you believe, whatever you do not believe, you are welcome in our company and are invited to share in this sacred meal which is for all people, including children.

Mission Statement of Portknockie Church

Sharing God’s unconditional love with all:-
Prayerfully, Joyfully, Abundantly, Faithfully.


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